Receiving high cholesterol results can be shocking and discouraging. Typically, the doctor sets a deadline of 3 months to lower cholesterol naturally or else face the consideration of medication. Like you, most people are worried that the doctor's low-fat advice isn't enough to meet this deadline. And you’re probably right!

Low-Fat is Not Enough!

If you just follow vague advice such as, “eat a low-fat diet” you might not reach your goals. But, if you do more to remove the cholesterol that’s already in your body, you have a fighting chance.

It’s not only about what you DON'T eat... but what you DO eat that makes all the difference.

An Easier Way to Get the Benefits of Oats

Everyone knows oats are good for cholesterol; the problem is tolerating enough oats to make a significant difference. Oats for breakfast every day is difficult enough, but thinking about eating it throughout the day is grueling. Adding butter and sugar may fix some of the taste, but that just defeats the purpose.

USDA Hall of Fame scientist, Dr. George Inglett, set out on a journey to find a better way to get oat's cholesterol lowering benefit every day. After years of exhaustive trial and error, Dr. Inglett came up with an easier solution to plain oats that resulted in over $1 billion in retail product sales in one year.  

But he still was not satisfied....

The 5 Ways Oat ß-Glucans Fight Cholesterol

Other products just block cholesterol... Nutrim removes it! Oat ß-glucans are potent anti-cholesterol substances.  They help:   

*Remove cholesterol from the body. 
*Inhibit cholesterol absorption. 
*Flush fats associated with high cholesterol. 
*Replace fats associated with high cholesterol. 
*Block cholesterol production when broken down by good bacteria. 

Start adding the cholesterol lowering power of oats every day!    

What you need in order to reduce cholesterol naturally is not more oatmeal... it's more ß-glucans. Nutrim has about 3x more ß-glucans per gram than oatmeal! Don't endure plain oatmeal or defeat your diet with added fat and sugar. Nutrim is a powder that can easily be added to what you already eat. Plus, chemical-free processing and no additives mean there are no questionable ingredients. 
There is nothing in Nutrim but what is naturally found in oats!

No added chemicals, enzymes or preservatives

Non-GMO Project Verified, only one ingredient

Virtually tasteless, no added colors, flavors or sweeteners    

Adds a rich creaminess to any food or beverage

Smooth, easy to mix powder that's never gritty   

Makes smoothies smoother, milk creamier, and soups richer

At FutureCeuticals Direct we not only offer effective, all natural products; we strive to help you in every step of your health journey. That is why we've created the 50 page Lower Cholesterol Naturally: 30 Day Guide to Success. Learn about cholesterol lowering foods, increase your cholesterol IQ and try some simple, great tasting recipes. Plus, each day has a new suggestion on how to add Nutrim into everyday meals.

Leave No Excuse for Your Next Doctor's Appointment

It can be easy to just keep researching a solution and not take action. But time is ticking and you need to lower your cholesterol naturally today! You are motivated now, but do you have the momentum it takes to reach your goals by your doctor's deadline?

After weeks of choking down oatmeal every day, people have a hard time maintaining their cholesterol lowering diet. Who can blame them? The reality is, today's food environment makes it hard to stay on track. If you are honest with yourself, you need a little extra help to get to your goal.

You could try an inferior "natural" product, full of GMOs or statins, only to find that it did not work. And you wasted your money! Worse yet, you wasted your chance to lower cholesterol naturally. Don't arrive at your next doctor's appointment regretting that you didn't do enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take with medication?
Nutrim® is as safe to consume as oats or oat bran. Unless the doctor has restricted you from oat bran, there should be no issues taking Nutrim®. FutureCeuticals Direct recommends users consult their doctor prior to making any changes to current therapies.

What are the ingredients in Nutrim®?
There are no other ingredients in Nutrim® besides what you would find in oats. Nothing added at all!  The power is in the all natural processing developed by the USDA. Nutrim® is made from all natural oats grown only in North America. Nutrim® utilizes all natural, patented processing developed by the USDA.


Does Nutrim® have any side effects?
Nutrim® is derived from 100% natural oat bran. This makes Nutrim® generally well-tolerated unless the user has an oat allergy. People who typically consume low amounts of dietary fiber on a daily basis may go through an adjustment period as they adapt to higher fiber levels. This may include increased gas and bloating. If this occurs, it is recommended to start with one half scoop of Nutrim®, twice per day, increasing consumption as the body adjusts.

Is there a guarantee?
Yes. Users can take Nutrim® with confidence. If after taking Nutrim®, a user is unsatisfied in any way they can call Customer Support at 800.862.0438 for a full refund. FutureCeuticals Direct has never refused a refund for any reason. Even if you purchase multiple orders and have all empty cans we still give you a full refund on all your orders in the first 90 days.

How long has Nutrim® been around?
Nutrim was developed in 1998 by Dr. Inglett at the USDA.

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Easy Nutrim® Recipes

Creamy Orange Smoothie
Mix 1 scoop Nutrim® with 8oz glass of OJ

Creamy Soup
Mix 1 scoop Nutrim® with bowl of soup

Rich, Creamy Low-Fat Gravy
Mix 1 scoop Nutrim® with 8oz Low-Fat Broth

Nutrim Success Kit with lower cholesterol naturally guide

  Don't just block cholesterol, start removing it with Nutrim!

Nutrim® comes with a 90 day 100% money back guarantee. We've never refused a refund for any reason.
Questions? 800 862-0438

Nutrim Success Kit

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Lower Cholesterol Naturally Guide   
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Nutrim® comes with a 90 day 100% money back guarantee. We've never refused a refund for any reason.
 Questions? 800 862-0438

Learn over 30 ways to use Nutrim® every day with the free
Lower Cholesterol Naturally: 30 Day Guide to Success!

The solution that is:       

Effective            USDA Developed        

Easy                   100% Natural                     Only One Ingredient

"I am very happy to recommend Nutrim to appropriate patients as it meets my personal criteria of being a natural product with no processing chemicals, is very easy to use/take, and has outstanding potential for results.*"

Start Removing Cholesterol Now

Lower Cholesterol Naturally Before the Next Doctor’s Visit.

What is Standing Between You and Naturally Lower Cholesterol? Join Those Who Have Taken the First Step to Lower Cholesterol Naturally.

You can…

  • Easily add the cholesterol lowering power of oat ß-glucans every day.
  • Enjoy the creamy rich texture that Nutrim adds to virtually any meal.
  • Reach your goal!

» Plant stanols and sterols can be made from synthetic or GMO sources.
» Red Yeast Rice may contain statins, which are not well tolerated by some people.

Dr. Inglett's new discovery:

  • Qualified for the FDA Heart Health Claim2
  • Mixed easily into any food or beverage
  • Utilized all natural processing
  • Unleashed the most beneficial portion of oats
  • Maintained the rich, creamy texture of his original product
  • Had an unusually high viscosity at low concentrations

Eventually, Dr. Inglett Made a Breakthrough!

More About Your Free Gift When You Order Today

The result of all this hard work is a product we now call Nutrim®. Now the cholesterol lowering power of oats can be mixed with orange juice and improve the texture with a smooth, rich creaminess. Actually, now any food or beverage could have the cholesterol lowering benefits of oats. Nutrim imparts such a rich, creamy texture that it can be used to replace fat in most recipes.

The Nutrim Cholesterol Success Kit comes with everything you need to get started!

  • 2 Cans of Nutrim® Oat Beta Glucan Powder
     (1 Month Supply)
  • Lower Cholesterol Naturally: 30 Day Guide to Success
  • $45 + Complimentary shipping

Cholesterol Success Kit

Cholesterol Success Kit

All Natural Cholesterol Lowering Solution 

Wanting to create an all natural solution, Dr. Inglett continued his research. He found himself up against 3 major obstacles:  

  1. Creating an all natural solution without chemical or enzymatic processing.   
  2. Unleashing the most beneficial portion of oats without losing viscosity like his original solution. (Oat ß-glucan viscosity is crucial for lowering cholesterol. 
  3. Maintaining the smooth, creamy texture that made his original discovery so popular. 
Click Here to Read Dr. Citron's Full Testimonial

2 Nutrim 30 Serving Cans
One Month Supply

(Normal MSRP $25 per Can)


Lower Cholesterol Naturally: 
30 Day Guide to Success
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Each day reveals: 

  • A new food that helps lower cholesterol 
  • Cholesterol insights
  • Recipes tips to help incorporate cholesterol lowering foods and Nutrim into the diet

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Dr. Citron Recommends Nutrim® Based on His Personal Results


With over 60 years of research, oats are the most trusted way to lower cholesterol naturally. Oats are effective because of ß-glucan,  a powerful soluble fiber that help remove both cholesterol made by the body and cholesterol from the diet.

#1 Natural Weapon Against High Cholesterol

Diet vs Statin

A head-to-head research study showed that the right combination of foods can lower cholesterol naturally just as well as a statin.1 

Research continues to pour in showing that a number of whole foods can help lower cholesterol naturally. Foods such as barley, legumes and almonds are great additions to the fight against cholesterol. Even high-fat foods such as walnuts and extra virgin olive oil show benefits for cholesterol levels.

Compare the Options

Nutrim Success Stories

*Results are exceptional. Since everyone is different, results will vary.

1 Jenkins DJA, et al.  "Direct comparison of a dietary portfolio of cholesterol-lowering foods with a statin in hypercholesterolemic participants"  Am J Clin Nutr  Feb 2005; 81.2:  380-387.
"Nutrim Enhances Food' Nutritional Value." USDA ARS Online Magazine Vol. 46, No. 12. N.p., n.d. Web. Aug 2015.

Cholesterol Success Story

*Results are exceptional. Since everyone is different, results will vary.

Nutrim® Success Story

“Hello I just wanted to take a moment to let you know of my success with Nutrim. I am a 57 y/o female in relatively good health. I inherited High Cholesterol from my Dad.

Anyway, I tried controlling the diet, tried Niacin..I had TERRIBLE flushing, tried Flax seed Oil (which I still take but it doesn’t touch the cholesterol) tried it all and finally just kinda accepted the fact that there was nothing I could do. Out of desperation one day, I was looking on the internet for something, anything that might help me. My cholesterol levels were only going up as I got older. Then I found Nutrim. I was skeptical at first after all the things I had tried was really a shot in the dark. But I thought, why not? I took two scoops a day for 9 weeks.

I can’t tell you how surprised and thrilled I was when I got these results. My Cholesterol had been stubbornly at these levels for 9 yrs. I was hoping for maybe a ten point drop in both but never expected anything close to this. I went from having dangerously high cholesterol to levels my doctor would not even consider putting me on medication for. What a relief!!!!

I am walking, taking Flax seed oil, and watching my carbs and sugars.
I know this was a long letter but thought you might like to know. I LOVE NUTRIM. Also, I think I have lost a little weight, I feel better, haven’t been sick with the flu etc., and have way less food cravings. It is just a wonderful product. Thank you so much. Hope to hear back from you.

I have told a lot of people I work with about Nutrim and what it did for me. There are several that are trying it.”
 –Deanna B. (Customer Since 2009)*

Easy to Use!

Enjoy the versatility that allows it to mix into virtually anything!

Stir it into:

  • Favorite beverages
  • Smoothies
  • Yogurt
  • Salad dressing

Add when baking

  • Pancake mix
  • Muffin mix
  • Cornbread mix

Use to replace fat when using:

  • Butter
  • Mayo
  • Sour cream

Cholesterol Success Stories

*Results are exceptional. Since everyone is different, results will vary.


     “I started using your product at the end of Jan 2009. I eat instant oatmeal, take 1 flaxseed gel cap 1000Mg and 1 baby asprin each morning. I take 1 scoop of NUTRIM each evening with water. I have not changed my diet that much and my results have been great!!! I have 37 years in the Military and any reading over 200mg/dL is a red flag for deployment and medical screening. This natural product has been a huge blessing to my career. Thanks again.”
    — Tom C.  (Customer Since 2009)

    "If I go to the gas station or in any store I ask anybody I start to talking to the big question, “HOW IS YOUR CHOLESTEROL?” Then I start to tell them about Nutrim and give them your web site. I even carry around my test scores to prove to them how great the product is. I am working for you here in Tacoma Washington . Thank you!”
    — Eula P. (April 2010 via email)*

    “I’m happy with my results! I’m promoting your product where I work. I have placed two orders for my friends because I got such a good result. It’s hard for nurses to believe me. It’s even hard for me to believe. But, I’m so thankful for google search that lead me in your direction .Thank you Nutrim!"
    — Doris J. (July 2009 via email)*

    “I was so overjoyed that I cried. I think this progress is significant for 3 months — Not only am I a believer I am lifetime customer. Now I did try to watch what I ate but not so much like a diet."
    — Cynthia C. (July 2009 via email)*


    the body makes

    from the diet

    Oat ß-Glucan
    Binds to Cholesterol and Helps Remove it From the Body


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